No more dealing with nstx messing up your network interfaces!

  • Download Dan Kaminsky's OzymanDNS from here
  • Get a domain that you can control the nameserver of subdomains for. ZoneEdit works very well for this, if you don't want to manage your own DNS.
  • Pick a subdomain you want to assign to the OzymanDNS server. I chose, since I own (I don't really, but you get the idea).
  • In the domain you have control over, Add an NS record for with data of (replace that with an actual hostname of the machine running the OzymanDNS server).
  • On the server, start: sudo ./ -i
  • On the client, run:
    ssh -C -o ProxyCommand="./ -v" localhost
  • Congratulations, you should now have an SSH connection open to the host that's running OzymanDNS.