Ari Pollak
Boston, MA


  • Extensive experience with Debian & Red Hat GNU/Linux, Solaris, Windows system/network administration; familiar with MacOS & BSD
  • Programming experience:
    • Languages (in order of fluency): Python, sh/bash, C, C++, Java, SQL, Ruby, Perl, HTML/CSS, PHP, LaTeX
    • Frameworks: Hadoop, Android, GTK+, Django, Tk, Swing


SCVNGR/LevelUp (Boston, MA)
2012 - Present (Senior Software Engineer)

Compete, Inc. (Boston, MA)
2011 - 2012 (Solutions Architecture - Senior Software Engineer)
  • Researched and planned, in collaboration with a small team, an aggressive overhaul of company-wide data computing infrastructure to Hadoop with the goal of improving throughput, scalability, and maintainability

2009 - 2011 (Data Architecture - Senior Software Engineer)
  • Managed smooth automated operation of core data processing software and related infrastructure
  • Evaluated, proposed, and implemented first round of improvements to core clickstream data; implemented many of the internal C++ and shell tool changes necessary to work with the new data
  • Coordinated with the website team to automatically generate and deliver metrics on a daily and monthly basis; helped ease delivery and reporting bottlenecks
  • Trained new team members on internal processes and best practices
  • Drafted internal coding standards and code review process in collaboration with team
  • Assisted in software design and release management for multiple new products across multiple teams

2006 - 2009 (Data and Research - Software Engineer)
  • Fixed bugs, added new metrics, and drastically improved efficiency in a Python-based data mining application, which allowed non-technical users to generate complex reports automatically from terabytes of data at a time and increased personnel productivity
  • Wrote internal server and web front-end to automatically capture full-page images of websites, using Python and Mozilla/Gecko, which resulted in a new released product
  • Planned and implemented phased system and code migration of data processing cluster from FreeBSD to GNU/Linux
  • Overhauled multiple automated data processing applications, resulting in massive time and resource reduction from days to hours
  • Served on Architecture Committee, responsible for planning hardware and software deployment on external infrastructure to meet current and future needs
  • Led phased migration of Engineering source control from CVS to Subversion

Aastra Telecom (Billerica, MA)
2005 (Software Engineer)
  • Fixed bugs and implemented new features for CNX conference bridge device based on embedded Linux
  • Used cross-architecture toolchains, C, C++, and CORBA for developing device-side applications
  • Interfaced directly with various on-board hardware controllers in both user-space and kernel-space drivers
  • Developed Java applet for administration of CNX device using Swing and CORBA
  • Worked with H.323, SIP, PRI, and RBS standards through Asterisk and Linux kernel modules
  • Fixed several issues with high call load under SIP & H.323
  • Wrote prototype Linux kernel driver for onboard SPI bus and part of FXS daughterboard driver to interface with Zaptel and Asterisk

The Gillette Company (South Boston, MA)
2004 (Global Intel Server Management)
  • Performed ongoing hardware and software maintenance of Windows server environment, including VMWare ESX Server and virtual machines.
  • Wrote a unified GUI tool in Perl to automate many common operations on hundreds of Windows servers in an Active Directory domain
  • Migrated hundreds of servers from an NT4 domain into Windows 2003-based Active Directory; wrote Perl scripts to automate much of the process
  • Performed disaster recovery testing on Windows 2000 and 2003 servers with HP OmniBack and EMC Data Manager backup systems.
  • Taught introductory Perl course for other Intel Server team members

Northeastern University College of Computer and Information Science (Boston, MA)
2003 (Microsoft Technology Consultant)
  • Automated network-wide tasks in Perl using CGI, WMI, and ADSI technologies
  • Evaluated, tested, secured, and deployed new Microsoft products including Windows Server 2003, IIS 6, and many MSDN development tools
  • Implemented two-way password synchronization between UNIX/Linux and Windows hosts as part of a single sign-on effort
  • Set up a secure, usable IIS 6 server for use by all CCIS users, similar to a CGI server already in place, with support for ASP/ASP.NET; Wrote automated administrative tools in Perl/Win32/WMI/ADSI and web-based user tools in PerlScript/ASP

Volunteer Work

  • Debian GNU/Linux developer: release and maintain software for the Debian project; diagnose and fix bugs in software, contribute changes to upstream author(s)


References available upon request. No recruiters please.